General Questions

Our Inagural Flight – Mission #1 took place on April 29, 2017.

We do not yet have a date set for Mission #2 but are planning on a Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 flight out of JFK.

See our “Missions” page for upcoming meeting dates!

Can’t make a meeting? Send us an email at and tell us how you would like to help honor our veterans!

Veteran/Guardian Questions

WWII Veterans are given priority but we will consider veterans from other wars if deteriorating health is a concern (a doctor’s note may be required). However, we encourage ALL Korean War veterans to apply as the applications will be kept on file for future flights. Applications can be mailed to our PO Box.
Approximately 2-3 months before the flight.
A gathering of the veterans, guardians, safety team (nurses, EMTs, etc), and flight leaders to get acquainted with one another, shore up details, and get a glimpse into what Flight Day will be like. This usually occurs 2-3 weeks before Flight Day.
Guardian Training is an essential meeting for all guardians going on an upcoming flight. This will provide an overview of what to expect on flight day, let the flight leaders explain what is expected of the guardians throughout the trip, get acquainted with the Safety Team and Flight Leaders, and answer any questions about the upcoming flight. Guardians will be given the option to attend the training on one of two different days. This usually takes place 2-3 weeks before the flight.
There is NO COST to WWII veterans or any veterans being honored on the flight. Guardians pay their own way through their guardian donation of $500. This can be paid personally or they can solicit a local business or organization to sponsor their trip. Veterans from other wars may apply to be a guardian while our flights continue to honor WWII veterans (if they are physically able), however, they will still be expected to pay their guardian fee.
They can apply to be a guardian and must pay the guardian fee. Spouses are not permitted. Since our primary service group is those of the WWII generation, it is likely that a WWII veteran spouse is about the same age and would require similar companionship during the trip. In order to fly as many WWII veterans as possible, they must be accompanied by able-bodied guardians.
WHEELCHAIRS – About 80% of our veterans need wheelchairs at some point during Flight Day. Our deluxe motor coaches are ordered with this in mind. Our coaches are equipped with wheelchair lifts. If there is a possibility that a veteran may need a wheelchair during one of our trips, we ask that the veteran bring their own or contact us we will make arrangements to have one available.

OXYGEN – If a veteran requires oxygen, the BAHF Safety Team will discuss the requirements and makes accommodations to ensure that they can still take part on our flight to Washington. Please contact us at 929-251-5120 and we will put you in touch with our Safety Coordinator.